Arborist cutting logs with Stihl 2 stroke petrol chainsaw at Hatfield Forest, Essex.

Tree Surgery & Forestry

Tree, Shrub, Hedge Planting & Aftercare

  • We can advise on planting schemes from individual specimen trees & shrubs, hedge planting to large planting schemes.
  • We source tree and shrubs from the very best growers in the UK.
  • We can provide advice on container grown or bare root stock plants together with appropriate timing to ensure new plants have the best start in their new home.
  • We can supply & install automated irrigation systems.
  • We can provide full after sales maintenance service where required.


We can supply and install optional weed control fabric covered with 50-80mm mulch usually consisting of wood chip.

Definitions: (source BS3998:2010)
Mulching – An area of ground over the root system of a tree or group of trees may be mulched in order to provide; moisture retention; weed suppression; encourage beneficial soil flora and fauna; relief from or prevention of compaction; mitigation of extremes of soil temperature; absorption of toxic materials and release of nutrients into the soil.

Grounds Maintenance

We are able to offer grounds maintenance service to include the following services:

  • Grass cutting & turf care
  • Tree & shrub pruning
  • Soft landscaping – planting schemes
  • Leaf clearing
  • Spray herbicide for weed treatment to car parks, paths and selected plant borders
  • Snow clearance & gritting service
  • Litter-picking
  • Hedge cutting
  • Graffiti removal and jet washing

Coppicing, Pollarding, Hedges Pruned & Shaped

We can advise on what’s best for your trees and shrubs.
Our Qualified and experienced staff are able to carry out all aspects of pruning works in accordance with guidelines detailed in British Standard 3998:2010.

Definitions: (source BS3998:2010)
Coppicing – cutting trees close to the ground level with the intention of encouraging re-growth of multiple shoots.
Pollarding – cutting a tree so as to encourage formation of numerous branches arising from the same height on a main stem or principal branches.

Crown Reductions, Lifting & Thinning

We can advise on what’s best for your trees. Our Qualified and experienced staff are able to carry out all aspects of pruning works in accordance with guidelines detailed in British Standard 3998:2010.

Definitions: (source BS3998:2010)
Crown Reductions – operation that results in an overall reduction in the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree by means of a general shortening of twigs and/or branches, whilst retaining the main framework of the crown.
Lifting – removal of the lower branches to achieve a stated vertical clearance above ground level or other surface.
Thinning – removal of a proportion of small, live branches from throughout the crown to achieve an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure.

Deadwood/Crown Clean

Our qualified and experienced arborists are able to carry out this task in accordance with guidelines detailed in British Standard 3998:2010.

Deadwood/Crown Clean – the removal of significant (larger than 25mm diameter) naturally occurring dead branches within the tree canopy.

Tree Felling

Our qualified and experienced arborists are able to safely dismantle the tree using specialist lowering equipment where space is confined. We have a wealth of experience in the safe use of mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP) generally used where trees are deemed unsafe to climb. If appropriate space available we can clear fell the tree.

Stump Grinding or Chemical Treatment

We have a selection of stump grinding machines available from large self propelled machines to small lightweight machines which can be carried through a building enabling stumps to be ground in tight confined areas or on slopes where other grinders cannot go.

Alternatively, remaining tree stumps can be chemically treated to prevent re-growth, this is not necessary on all tree stumps – we can advise during our site survey.

Site Clearance

Using our specialist equipment our qualified and experienced staff can clear sites ready for development or re-planting.

Mobile Saw Mill

We have a mobile wood milling attachment that can be used in conjunction with our chainsaw enabling milling in any location.
We can mill posts, beams or planks from timber inaccessible by traditional saw mills cut to your specific requirements.

Hedge/Verge Flailing

We have a tractor mounted flail used to trim hedging and verges.

Woodland & Country Estate Management

Using our specialist equipment we are able to carry out forestry service to suit all needs. From first thinnings, coppicing, timber extraction to clearance of selected trees. We can offer woodland surveys and management recommendations.

Veteran/Ancient Tree Management>

We have associates, currently managing National Trust Hatfield Forest, available to advise and manage your veteran and ancient woodland.

Air-Spade & Root Investigation

The air-spade is a handheld soil excavation tool connected to a large air-compressor. The high-pressure stream of air is funnelled through a small nozzle breaking dense soils into small particles particularly useful in removing soil while leaving tree roots and services undamaged.

When required the air-spade is a fast and accurate method for the removal of soils for investigating sub soil conditions.

The Air-Spade is a truly versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of tree care and utility applications including:

  • Aerating or reducing soil compaction
  • Excavating tree root collars and trunk flares
  • Investigating damage caused by tree roots
  • Inspecting girdling roots
  • Root pruning
  • Cultivating soil
  • Vertical mulching
  • Radial trenching
  • Locating roots for utility line installation